The info page for TECHNA.

General TECHNA Info

"TECHNA" is the code name for a secret government program who's goal is to create perfect animal robots for espionage missions. Dr. Myeong Kim, the head of this program, was the first to use this idea. She was inspired by the Pigeon and Cat Guided bombs of World War Two the failed miserably. She thought if she could make robotic animals, not to kamikaze themselves, but to spy on America's enemies to gather intelligence, we could benefit greatly. The complex chunk of coding and software that she created was called TECHNA, and was then used as the code name for her program.

Dr.Myeong Kim

Hello everyone! This is Dr. Myeong Kim's, me, autobiography. (No, Icy is not really Myeong Kim)

O.K! So to start of I will give you a little history about myself. My parents were born in Korea when it was just "Korea", not "South" and "North" Korea. They survived the war and came to the U.S before I was born. My mother and father worked non stop to support me and my brother. Both my brother and I were born and raised in LA. We are American through and through. I worked very hard to get into UCLA when I was in high school, and I met my goal. Now I have my PhD and the genius behind TECHNA.

Robot 1: Techna The Robotic Feline (Failed)

It was our first crack at this, and we failed.... Other than being unstable and crazy, Techna didn't look organic at all. Her eyes were weird and she didn't act right in terms of movement.

Robot 2: Electro The Robotic Wolf (Success)

Robot 3: Virus The Robotic Canine (Failed)

Robot 4: Circuit The Robotic Dragon War-Machine (Testing in Progress)

Robot 5: Mecha The Robotic Mare (Success)

Robot 6: Jolt The Robotic Mare (Success)

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