In StormClan, life has never been fair. There were always the slaves and the masters. If you were a she-cat, or a slave, you had to obey your master, and suffer, but if you were a master (tom), you could do whatever you wanted without question, even force a cat to mate. But when a she-cat is born and marked a slave, can she change what others think?


*Leader: Whitestar- white tom with blue eyes

Slave- Mistcloud

*Deputy: Talonclaw- scarred brown tabby tom

Slave- Stormsong

*Medicine Cat (only helps toms): Cedarfur- gray tom

Slave- none


*Shorttail- stumpy-tailed brown tom

Slave- Honeysong

*Leaffang- cream tom with green eyes and sharp claws and teeth

*Ebonyclaw- black tom

Slave- Echotail

*Icestorm- white tom with green eyes

Slave- Cherryfur

*Slashclaw- scarred black tom


Appprentices: (toms, training to fight and torture she-cats, exercises practiced on slaves)_

*Mallowpaw- gray-and-white tom

Slave- Moonpaw

*Foxpaw- ginger tabby tom

Slave- Streampaw

Kits: (she-cats and toms, future slaves or warriors)

Flowerkit- dappled pale golden tabby she-cat

Nightkit- black tom

Stonekit- gray tom

Hazelkit- gray-and-white tom


Chapter 1:

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey

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