A Secret Venom


Trust not the cat with blood on her paws

Trust not the cat with venomous jaws

Trust not the cat with deaths to her name

Trust not the cat that will take secrets to her grave

Trust not the cat that weaves venomous lies

Trust not the cat that bugs you like a fly

Trust not the cat that tries to deceive you

Trust not the cat who pretends to have befriended you.


Firekit is born with this prophecy ringing in her ears. Firekit doesn’t understand it at all, as she is too afraid to ask the medicine cat, Swanfeather, for advice. The ghost of her father, Brackenshade, walks beside her- but some force prevents him from explaining the haunting words to her. When she goes on a daring adventure to the border with VenomClan, Firekit discovers Secretkit- and at the same time realizes that she has powers that no other BlazeClan cat seems to have. She finds that Secretkit has powers too, along with Angelkit of DawnClan. Firekit organises a meeting with Angelkit to save their Clans from jeopardy…

Chapter One

Under a sky lit only by the blazing silver stars of Silverpelt, the Clans’ territory lay silent. Not a mouse moved; all was utterly silent as the stars of Silverpelt seemed to turn into a million watching eyes- all with anxiety in their depths, glowing like the lightest ice and yet the brightest flame. A kit with a great destiny was about to be born.

Suddenly, an agonizing yowl split the deathly silence- a yowl that promised pain, evil and everything awful. From the birth of this tiny kit those things would spread rapidly like the Black Death; onto prey, into dens, infecting everyone with fear. But this kit would not be the main perpetrator- the main perpetrator would be a kit yet to be born, squirming in the stomach of a VenomClan queen.

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