Adonis is a handsome, dark red and black dragon with yellow eyes. He is an Amphithere Dragon.

Current Tribe Loner Dragons
Past Clan(s) Silent Forest Tribe


Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Mate Laelia
Hatchling(s) Iris, Chrysanthos
Mentor(s) Unknown
Half-Wing(s) Unknown
Roleplayer Icewish

Additional Info

Adonis was the mate of Laelia. He lived in the Silent Forest Tribe with his mate, son, Chrysanthos, and daughter, Iris. He left them and the Silent Forest Tribe when Iris was only an egg. Chrysanthos was just a hatchling at the time, and felt like he was hated by his father. This made him think bitterly of Adonis for abandoning them. The current whereabouts of Adonis are unknown.

He was then seen trying to find his mate in the Dark Caverns. It is revealed then that he is incredibly intelligent, because the only known location is written down in a book. This means he is able to read and write. He does not fine Laelia, but meets a hatchling by the name of Izik. He then travels to the living world to try and find the portal to the Starlit Skies from there. From what he remembers, the book said that the entrance was in a cave in a tall mountain by the ocean. Electic crashed into him by "accident" at extremely fast speeds. He broke his wing and is unable to fly. Because he grew up in the Silent Forest Tribe, he knows how to treat his own wounds.


  • He seems to be immune to aging.

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