AirClan's territory is composed of floating rocks. AirClan cats use their wings to fly from place to place.



Hoverstar - muscular, gray tom with whisps of white in his fur. He has black batwings. Roleplayer: Silver


Tornadostorm - Gray tom with white speckles and gray eagle wings. Roleplayer: Mossu

Medicine Cat:

Duskflame - dark gray tom with a purpleish tint to his fur and red eyes. Roleplayed by:Icy

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Floatingpaw- pretty, white and silver she-cat with pale blue eyes and soft, feather wings. Roleplayer: Silver


Lilypetal - elegant, pale gray she-cat with foggy blue eyes. She has gray bird wings. Roleplayer: Silver

Runningfoot- quick, sleek black tomcat with deep blue eyes, has no wings. Roleplayer: Silvah


Flypaw - pure white she-cat with icy blue eyes with white and blue butterfly wings. Roleplayer: Faolanmacduncan

Batpaw - Black Tom with black bat wings and big amber eyes. Roleplayed by: Moss


Kits: Robinkit - brown she-cat with brown eyes and brown bird wings. Roleplayer: Faolanmacduncun


Butterflywing - a silver she-cat with blue butterfly wings and eyes. She retired early because her wings were damaged beyond repair. Roleplayed by:Icy

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