Leader: Toadstar- Redish-brown tom with white splotches and Bright blue eyes ( Apprentice- Emberpaw)

Deputy: Barkear- Dark brown tabby tom with Cloudy yellow eyes

Medicine cat: Bugeye- Sleek black tom with big blackish-brown eyes (Apprentice- Echopaw)

Warriors: Appletail- Fluffy redish-gold she-cat with amber eyes.

Roseprickle- Light gray she-cat with spiky fur and dark green eyes.

Yellowheart- Light gold tabby she-cat with a white under-belly and white paws (Apprentice- Teapaw)

Grasspaws- Dappled black and white tom with glowing yellow eyes

Ivyoak- Light brown she-cat with small ears and dark blue eyes

Spikeclaw- Black tom with large dark ginger splotches, dark ginger paws and misty yellow eyes

Silversky- Beautiful silver she-cat with white streaks near her under belly, and icy blue eyes

Pondbelly- Fluffy tom with light grey fur, white belly,white paws and dark green eyes

Crowflight-Black tom near his spine but get's more grey near his underbelly, Yellowy green eyes

Bramblewater- Dappled forest coloured tom with sharp blue eyes.

Sedgefeather-Greenish brown tom with one white paw, one white ear and amber eyes (Apprentice- Wavepaw)


Emberpaw-Jet black tom with dark grey stripes, white paws and amber eyes

Teapaw-Light brown she-cat with dark brown raccoon like rings around her eyes and small black eyes

Echopaw-Sleek white she-cat with ginger patches,one ginger paw and pretty hazel coloured eyes

Wavepaw-Blueish grey she-cat with darker blue streaks and lighter grey streaks, bright yellow eyes


Tearpetal- brown,black and white tortoise shell she-cat with hazel eyes

Seedflower-Grey tabby she-cat with brown stripes, a brown tail tip and shining green eyes

Ravenwing- Beautiful black she-cat with white underbelly, a white tail tip and dark green eyes


Foxkit- Ginger tom with black paws, black tail, white underbelly and orange eyes

Lavenderkit-Dappled light grey she cat with purplely eyes

Twigkit-Dark brown tom with a crooked ear,scruffy fur and amber eyes

Swallowkit- Dark grey she-cat with a yellowish white underbelly and amber eyes


Chirpflight- Used to be hiper tom with golden fur and leopard spots

Leaffoot-White she-cat with brown paws, brown underbelly, and a brown tail tip

Cinderwillow-Speckled dark grey she-cat with white paws and hazel eyes

Sandyflower-Light ginger she-cat with misty grey eyes


Leader: Lilystar

Deputy: Mossfeather

Medicine cat: Larkcall


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