I made all of this up.


Leader: Hollowstar ~ dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes

Deputy: Stormblaze ~ silvery-gray tabby tom with green eyes

Medicine Cat: Auroradawn ~ pinkish-white she-cat


Lioncry ~ golden tabby tom

Driftpelt ~ brown and cream tom

Diamondmist ~ silver tabby she-cat

Fallenstone ~ black tom with gray eyes

Rowanfrost - dark brown tabby tom

Apprentice, Silkpaw

Shadeflower ~ very dark gray tabby she-cat

Violetrose ~ blue-gray she-cat with purplish-blue eyes

Tidepool ~ pale brown she-cat with white chest and paws

Apprentice, Snakepaw

Sparrowheart ~ dark ginger tom

Dappleleaf ~ mottled brown and white tabby she-cat

Swallowflight ~ black she-cat with green eyes


Silkpaw ~ silky pale gray and white she-cat

Snakepaw ~ tortoiseshell tom


Dawnbreeze ~ bright ginger she-cat with green eyes

(Mother to Featherkit, pretty gray tabby she-cat with amber eyes, Cloudykit, pale gray and white she-cat, and Galekit, smoky pale gray tom with golden-amber eyes).

Flowershade ~ creamy-brown she-cat with amber eyes

(Mother to Lakekit, silvery-gray and white tabby tom, Crowkit, black and white tom, and Autumnkit, pretty pale-brown and white tabby she-cat).


Prickleheart ~ gray tabby tom

Frostfern ~ pure white she-cat


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