Windy Plain - gingerish stallion with blue eyes. Roleplayed by: Moss


Falling Leaf - mouse gray mare with dark blue eyes. Roleplayed by: Icewish


Misty Lavender - silver mare with heather-blue eyes. Roleplayed by: Firestream12

Herbalist Rookie:

Tiny Flower - strawberry roan mare with pale blue eyes. She has a white blaze. Roleplayed by: Icy


Morning Dew - young palomino mare with pretty brown eyes. Roleplayed by: Icewish

Windy Storm - light gray mare with light amber eyes. Roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Midnight Shadow - black stallion with piercing blue eyes. Roleplayer: Firestream12

Calling Eagle - A handsome, roan Stallion with birght, gray eyes. Roleplayed by: Silverwhisker

Night Sky-Black stallion with dark blue eyes. Roleplayed by: Tigerfoot

Running Wind - grey dappled stallion with hazel brown eyes Roleplayed by: Pricklestar

Screeching Falcon - A brown stallion with a white mane and brown eyes. Roleplayed by: Icefern

Falling Snow - A white mare as white as snow with a pitch black mane. Roleplayer: Faolan & Fuzzy

Swooping Raven - Black mare with a white mane. Roleplayer: Faolan & Fuzzy


Storming Sky - Black stallion with blue eyes. Roleplayed by: Moss


Foals and Fillies:

Echoing Rain - oddly colored, white mare with blue-gray spots an flecks. Roleplayed by: Icewish


Roleplay Page

Army of the Forest/Roleplay

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