This is the place where all evil horses go when they die.


Army of the Shadows Baner


Former Generals:

Black Twilight - Black stallion with brown eyes. Roleplayed by: Moss

Former Lieutenants:

Dark Moon - Brown mare with golden eyes. Roleplayer:Tigerfoot

Blazing Frost - a black mare with an ice blue mane, tail, and eyes. Roleplayed by:Icy

Former Herbalists:


Former Herbalist Rookies:


Former Soldiers:

Raven Call - black mare with dark brown eyes. Roleplayed by:Icy

Starless Night - dark purple stallion with navy blue eyes. RPer: Silvah Former Rookies:

Former Dams:

Former Foals and Fillies:


Roleplay Page

Army of the Shadows/Roleplay

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