Current Clan WindClan
Past Clan(s) None
Names Kit: Avalanchekit

Apprentice: Avalanchepaw

MC Apprentice: Avalanchepaw

Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Foster Mother Breezefang
Foster Father Goldenspots
Littermates Dogpaw, Grasspaw (Foster Brothers)
Mentor(s) Fireheart
Fanfics Avalanchepaw's Past

Avalanchepaw is small, pretty, fluffy, broad-shouldered, slender, pure white she-cat with pale brown tabby patches and brilliant, blind blue-green eyes. She has a deep scar on her left eye and a cute pink nose.


Avalanchepaw was born to unknown parents. Her foster parents were Breezefang and Goldenspots. Her foster brothers are Grasspaw and Dogpaw. She want to train to be a warrior, but her blindness was getting into the way. She lost her mother to Greencough and one day, ThunderClan cats attacked her and her brothers while they were training. Her brothers died from their injuries, she survived, but was badly injured and fell into a coma. She wakes up free of injures and thought that she saw an invincible cat, but it was her medicine cat, Fireheart's aura. She was surprised, but she knew her destiny. She is upset when her father, Goldenspots blames her for the death of Breezefang and her brothers. She decided to be a Medicine cat to make her foster father love her again and wanted to see her foster mother and littermates again. But she wanted to find out who her real parents were.

Her powers were to heal cats by licking their wounds and they're automatically healed. She can see the auras of cats, even though she is blind. Her other ability is the Dimensional Scream, which happens sometime from the past or the future. Her eyes turn turquoise with the Dimensional Scream and to see auras. She gets weak when her Dimensional scream visions happen and when she uses her healing gift. Her power is slightly similar to Thrushpaw's. Her third power is "StarClan's Claws". When she is not using her "aura" ability, she is able to use her third power. It can destory any power that involves a fighting ability (or in Lionblaze's case).



Her real parents are a mystery. Her foster mother was Breezefang (pretty, mottled calico she-cat) and foster father was Goldenspots (Golden tabby with lighter flecks). Her foster brothers was Dogpaw (dark brown tabby) and Grasspaw (pale brown-and-white tabby).

Character Pixels


Medicine Cat Apprentice


"I-I can't be held captive here, Thrushflight. I now know who my real parents are and what is my destiny. We can't turn back now. We must fight our own battles to protect the other clans." — Avalanchepaw to Thrushflight

"Hey, Fireheart, I think I found the scent!" - Avalanchepaw to Fireheart


  • She can't self-heal.
  • Her first mentor was Iceclaw (very pale gray tom), but it become Fireheart.
  • She's friend-enemies with Blueswipe.
  • She has a crush on Gustpaw.

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