Avi Luna is a white she-dragon with bright blue eyes, silver spines going down her back, and a tail tipped with an arrow shaped diamond. She also has this strange, stripe and dot pattern that adds color to her scales. She is a Frost Dragon.

Additional Info

Avi Luna was born to the Bringers of Winter, an extinct Frost Dragon nomadic tribe. Her parents were Stella Aqua (Mother) and Nimbus Glaciem (Father). Many years ago, the peaceful Bringers of Winter were attacked by a group of Dark Dragons, the pirates of the dragon world. They forced her to watch ever member of her tribe die a slow, painful death. For some reason, they let her live as an orphaned hatching. She was rescued by a she-dragon of the Sky Rulers and was raised by her. She is the currant Queen Dragon of the Sky Rulers, and is mates with Draco. She has a very kind and peaceful personality.

When Avi Luna returns to the last built Bringers of Winter camp, she finds a lone Frost Dragon egg. She knows that Frost Dragon eggs can survive long periods of time with out hatching. In a vision, she sees her mother and father taking care of this egg. She realizes that this is her sister that she never met and takes the egg back to Sky Ruler territory. The egg hatches shortly afterwards, an Avi Luna names her Glacialis Aqua, after their mother and father.

Character Pixels

Icy's Artwork

Avi Luna.drawing

Draco and Avi Luna Chibi Anthro Draco and Avi Luna

(Artwork of Chibi human Eros and Avi coming soon!)


  • Avi Luna means "Moon Bird" in Latin.
  • She and her sister are the last Frost Dragons in existence.
  • She is friends with Iris.
  • She owns a silver necklace with a blue stone in the center. It is a very special necklace that was passed down for generations. A mysterious power surrounds it.

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