This is the history of the mighty Betulis Pack. The alphas are Saltus (alpha male) and Astra (alpha she-wolf).

List of Alphas

Males Females
Caligo Betulis
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Others Unknown Other Unknown
Unknown Unknown


The Finding

Betulis flicked her tail to motion her mate, Frog forward. She sighed. "We need to make a pack, Frog. Many wolves have folowed us." murmured Betulis. Frog shook his head and growled. "Then do you want to danger our pups?" he questioned. Betulis sighed as her pups, Moss, Moose, and Ginger whimpered. "Everytime, you bring that up. Our pups would be in less danger then the danger there in now, moving all the time!" growled Betulis. "You all ways bring up making a pack!" snarled Frog. "Please stop fighting mama and daddy!" cried Moss, her tawny fur flat and soft. "We're just arguing, Moss." growled Betulis. Moose shook his head, as if to be disagreeing with his mother. Betulis couldn't argue when she noticed her blonde fur bristleing. She made it go flat.

"Lets just move on." growled Frog, moving away. "No. You can go. I'm going to make a pack, with a new mate." snarled Betulis. She noticed Moss's fur was fluffed with fear. Moose's black fur was flat, not fluffed with fear. Ginger wasn't paying attention at all, she was licking her ginger fur. "You look just like your first father." Betulis murmured to Moose. Frog padded away. Betulis padded over to Caligo. His foggy gray fur was smooth. He rested his head on her's. "You'll be my Alpha Male. And we'll be the Betulis Pack of the mountains!" howled Betulis. "I like that name." murmured Caligo.

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