Leader: Smallstar

Deputy: Featherstrike

Med-cat: Sorrelfoot

Warriors: Frozenice, Berrysmash, Lightfoot, Ravenwing, Sandfur, Icefoot and Silverleap.

Elders: Sunrise, Blackfur and Wishleap.

Queens: Roseflight and Greytail

Apprentices: Birchpaw, Wingpaw and Snowpaw

Kits: Leafkit


Leader: Strikestar

Deputy: Whitefur

Med-cat: Oakfoot

Warriors: Treelight, Snowstorm, Sandspot, Dustyfur, Windcatch

Queens: Silverslash, Featherstorm

Apprentices: Tigerpaw, Smallpaw, Firepaw, Bushpaw

Kits: Runkit, Flowerkit, Purplekit


Leader: Runstar

Deputy: Catchfur

Med-cat: Leapheart

Warriors: Oneclaw, Stoneleap, Clawfur, Berryskate, Greenflight, Pawfur

Apprentices: Findpaw, Oceanpaw, Growlpaw, Runningpaw

Queens: Heartfur

Kits: Furkit, Maplekit, Ravenkit

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