Blizzardfang is a pale gray tom with blue-green eyes and many battle-scars running down his pelt

Additional Info

The only son of Aspenleaf and Lichenpelt. As a kit, he seemed to bring light into the room with his cheerful personality. At six moons of age, he became the apprentice of Juniperleaf, WindClan's medicine cat. He learned fast and it was obvious that StarClan favored him. At night, they would tell him new was to heal cats, and he would put their secrets to good use, until one day... A few moons after his mentor passed away, something snapped inside of Blizzardfang. It drove him to murder and insanity with an ever hungry lust for power. He killed his beloved mate, Icewillow, the deputy to Rosestar. He almost succeeded in taking over the clan if it wasn't for Icewillow's sister, Spottedtail. He killed him to save countless other lives that would have been slaughtered by him and his madness. She became the second deputy to Rosestar for her bravery. Blizzardfang now rests in the Dark Forest, but his thirst for power has not disappeared.


  • He regrets killing Icewillow, and she haunts his dreams as well.

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