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This book will be written the same as Voices. It will even take place in MountainClan but it will not follow the same story line as Voices. You will hear the voices of Wolfclaw, Snowdawn, Redflame, Stormpaw(wolf), Mistpaw(rain) and Adderscale.



My brother

And my best friend

The cat who I looked up to

The one who I kept a specail place in my heart for

And me in his

Now he says

He is no longer

My brother

And tore that specail place



I'm starting to worry

bout my mate Wolfclaw

He's been afully quite

Ever sence Wolfblizzard told him

That they were no longer brothers

But he still has me and his kits

Stormpaw and Mistpaw

And I hope he knows that


I don't know why

My dad is all depressed

Wolfblizzard is still his brother

Ain't he?

But I don't like how his son Rockpaw

Is always shottin' dirty looks at me

And my sister

And I don't like how is daughter Rainpaw is always buggin' me

About silly stuff

But I'm sure my dad will get over it

Cause he's always told me

"Don't take dung from nobody!"


My father

My uncle

Have always gotten along so well

But why does that

Have to change

Like night and day?

Wolfblizzard never even new

His birth parents

Some rogues


So isn't

Graynight his father?

And Flowerfur

His mother?

So now my awnser

Is this question:



Wolfclaw and Wolfblizzard

The two brothers


The two enemies

Why does blood have to matter

In this world?

It's so stupid

That a friendship so strong

Broke with only a few words



He finds out he was born to two cats

That not even I've heard of

And now he treats his only brother

Like a ghost

Like he's not even there

I guess it's kind of like

My father

And me


A new day

Is born

From the riseing sun

But I fear

That Wolfclaw

Is stuck in the past


My dad looks like he's feeling a little better

A smile rose on his face

When Mistpaw and I

Showed him the carp

That we caught together

By the stream

But I don't understand

Why Wolfblizzard ain't his brother no more

But the rest of the clan does

And they won't tell me


I need to forget about


But it's too hard

Sadness follows me like a vulture

Stalks a weakened mouse

But I need to be there

For my mate and my kits

So I can't let that vulture

Catch me


Redflame and I

Took our apprentices

Out to train on the mountain

Snow softly swished around

In the cold, crisp wind

Like a silver dove's wing

We hunted for a long time

And enjoyed the cool weather

And then Redflame

Sliped into a hidden cavern


I was out hunting

With Adderscale and our apprentices

The day was cool and the sun


All when smoothly until

I sliped

And fell tail first

Into a cave covered in ice

When my tail hit the grond I jumped up again

It was do dang cold

Mistpaw called down the cavern

"Are you okay?" she asked

I said yes and Strompaw slid down after me

He looked around in sheer astonishment

Light splintered off of the icy walls in a brilliant rainbow that filled the whole cave

It splashed blues and reens in all directions

The rest of the patrol

Slid down to where we were at

Mistpaw gasped in amazement

And Adderscale stood there with his green eyes widened as far

As he could make them

I sugested that we should explore

And no one would even object to that


I climbed down after Redflame

Fell into the cave

Inside was so, um, shinny

And the walls were splashed with rainbows

Shaped like birds, and bees, and butterflies

We started to explore

We carefully scaned

Each ice cobvered wall

Once we traveled deeper

The sunlight dimed

But the rainbow splashed didn't

They danced like fire on the sparkiling white walls

I wish mommy and daddy was here

To see all this


When I went after Redflame

Down into the cavern

I was shocked

At how amazing it was

Sunlight became all different colors

And were shaped like all sorts of creatures:

Birds and badgers

Lizards and frogs

Some off them

Even moved

Birds flaped their wings

Lizards slid like oil over the ice

Frogs jumped from wall to wall

We eventualy came across

A room

A rainbow room

With a rainbow dragon

In the center

I jumped back a bit

But I soon realized

That it was only a peice of stone

It was amazing


My kits and their mentors

Were not back yet

I began to worry

So I found Wolfclaw

And we followed their scent

To a hidden cave

We entered it

And gazed in astonishment

At the beauty

It was amazing

But we needed to find our family

And Adderscale

But I guess he counts family too

We found them in a cave

With a dragon rainbow made of stone covered in ice

My kits were so happy to see us

That when Mistpaw ran up to us she sliped

And landed flat on her tail

But she got up just fine

Wolfclaw smiled

And embraced his kits


I was so happy to see my kits

Safe in that cave

Even though

It could be dangerouse in there

After admirein'

The dragon stone

And of course playin' a little while

We left at sunset

We caught a few mice

So we wouldn't return

Empty pawed


We returned to camp late

With ten fat mice

I saw

Rockpaw staring at me

Eyes full of hate

But why?

Eh, who gives a rat's tail about him anyways

We put our catch in the fresh-kill pile

My dad was much happier now

So all is all better

Rainpaw dashed over to me

And hit me lightly on the shoulder

"Were have you been?" she asked

Before I could reply

Spottedstar padded over

Her tortioseshell pelt flecked with gray

Her eyes dull with age

She told us to never set paw in that cave again

And that ou mentors are in deep trouble for letting us in

I didn't like his

The cave was awsome

Mistpaw said she was the lader

So she must be right

Avalanchstorm took Rainpaw and Rockpaw away

Good thing to

Rockpaw always creeps me out

Even the apprentice den was split in to because of him

My sister and I on one side

His littermates on the other

But I still don't get why

We can't go into the cave no more


Adderscale and I got in so much trouble

Once we got back to camp

I felt like an apprentice again

With Spottedstar yelling at us

She said to never even get near

That place again

But we didn't know why

It was so bad

And she wouldn't tell us either

She was extra hard on Adderscale

Called him a filthy rogue

But its not his fault

He was born in Twoleg Place

And spent the first two moons of his life

With neglective parents and a dumpster full of rats

That's why he came here

To MountainClan

But everyone still treats him different

Treats him bad

Ecept his friends

By that I mean my kin and I

I'm a warrior and I still don't understans these things

Some warrior

I turned out to be


This makes me think

Am I realy made for clan life?

Did I miss the lesson

On how not to go

Near the cave?

Should I have

Stayed as a rogue?


Really seemed mad

But the cave was not dangerouse

Blizzardflower came over to me once Spottedstar left

"It's alright," she started

"I didn't know that the cave you found even exitsted."

I sighed.


That creepy tom, Rockpaw

Always staring at me

Especaily when I go to see


Is it a brother thing

To watch out for his sister?

Should I be doing that when Mistpaw

Goes to see Skypaw?

Or is Rockpaw just a stalker?


Oh Skypaw

He's so cute!

I feel as light as air

Whenever I'm around him

His smile

Makes me smile

His laughf

Awakens mine

He's my best friend

And I am his


I took Rockpaw

On a huntin' patrol one day

A horrible mistake on my part

Near the DesertClan border

He shoved my face into a fire

And burned part of my left ear and eye

Thank StarClan for my mate

Who left on a search party

With Redflame and Adderscale

To come find me

When Rockpaw wouldn't talk



And his apprentice

Were gone far too long

I left camp

With by brother and my friend

We saw Rockpaw

But no Wolflaw

He wouldn't say

Were my mate was

We followed Wolfclaw's scent

To the DesertClan border

There he was

His face burned

Pelt torn

Surrounded by blood stained sand

We took him back to camp

Were Thrushstrike treated him

Why would anyone do this?


My mom and mentors came back o camp

With my father on their shoulders

His left eye and ear was burned


Said it must have been an axident

Wolfclaw tripped

And landed in a fire

Rockpaw must have been so scared

That he wouldn't talk

And the clan beleived that fox dung


Curse you Rockpaw!

May StarClan abonadon you and leave you to rot in the Dark Forest!

I know it was you!

The rest of the clan may be lost but I am no fool!

If I had a mouse for every soul you have pained

I could feed MountainClan for ten whole seasons!


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