Boyan is a night black wolf wih crystal blue eyes.

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Current Pack Umbras Pack
Past Pack(s) Lone Wolf

Alpha Male: Boyan

Other Wolf: Boyan

Apprentice: Boyan

Pup: Boyan

Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Littermates Unknown
Mate Nocte
Pup(s) Neko, Cinis, Aetius
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) None
Roleplayer Moss


Boyan was abandoned as pup and brought to Umbras Pack. Before he was, though, he saw strange visions of the future. He was unsure what they ment.

Boyan is friends with Lupa, and she likes to pester him about Nocte being his "girlfriend". Boyan joined the rebels before Obscruan and Aestuo stepped down. Now he is alpha male with Nocte as his alpha female. He is sad when Romulus, Remus, and Nova die. He fought in the attack against the Mares.

He leads his pack across the Tiber after a forest fire started in Umbras Pack territory. They are taken in by Betulis Pack until it is safe to return. Nocte is revealed to be expecting his pups.

Sometime later, Nocte has the pups, and almost dies. Boyan is very scared, but calms when she is fne the next morning. They have three pups, Aetius, Neko, and Cinis.

Life Image

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Character Pixels

Family Tree

Boyan Family Tree


  • He was destined to be alpha male, even before he joined the pack.

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