Brambleheart is a silver tabby tom with bright, blue-green eyes.

No pic
Current Clan StarClan
Past Clan(s) WindClan

Kit: Bramblekit

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Bramblepaw

Medicine Cat: Brambleheart

Mother Windfrost
Father Eaglefeather
Littermates Cardinalblaze (Brother)
Mate Streamsparkle
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Breezeflower
Apprentice(s) Unknown
Roleplayer Icewish

Additional Info

Brambleheart was born to Windfrost and Eaglefeather. His brother is Cardinalblaze. When he was born, his mother slipped into a coma-like state, so his adoptive mother was Petalstream. His mentor was Breezeflower, a former WindClan medicine cat. His mate, even though he was a medicine cat, was Streamsparkle. She was then killed by Blizzardfang, the insane Dark Forest medicine cat. Soon after, his brother was bit by an adder. He was powerless against the snake's venom. Streamsparkle gave Brambleheart a leaf filled with StarClan's healing waters, and told him to give it to his brother. Brambleheart did, and Cardinalblaze was cured. The remaining water flowed into The Place of Shadow Water, and turned that evil place into a mystical, healing spring.

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