Sharpkit snuggled her sibling. She didn't know who it was, Sharpkit was too young. Muffled voices surrounded the she-leopard. The voices picked her up voilently, and threw her sprawling through the forest. The she-kit yowled in pain from the terrible journey. Sharpkit landed near a tree. She stayed by that tree, every minute or so, yowling for help. No one ever came to help her.

One: StarClan's Tellings

The medicine cat, Sparktail, had went to the moonstone to share tounges with StarClan. Great medicine cats and warriors were there. Juniperkit, the leader's daughter, was there. I must tell her that her kit is safe in StarClan! Blue-ears, an ancient LeopardClan medicine cat, fortold her wise prophecy: "When the Sun seeps into the Darkness, Sharp Claws will return stronger than ever." Sparktail stared at Blue-ears. She had never thought that she would be told a prophecy. "But I-I just became medicine cat, after Deertail died," Sparktail sighed, "how am I ready for this?" Blue-ears looked her in the eyes. "You're ready." all of StarClan nodded with approval.

Sparktail raced back to LeopardClan. The  mossy ground was soft under her feet. She looked up at the canopy of pine trees, and pushed on faster, now shouting "Spottedstar! Spottedstar! I have news from StarClan!" Sparktail yowled. The deputy, Pinefur, heard before anyone else. "Spottedstar, come out," he whispered. She was in the nursery with her kits Bluekit and Firekit. "Spottedstar. I had recently shared tongues with StarClan," she whispered, "and I am happy to tell you that Juniperkit is within the ranks of StarClan." Spottedstar was overwhelmed with joy. "What does she look like?" Sparktail stopped to sum up the exact words. "Beautiful. Simply beautiful. She has a perfectly spotted golden pelt with sparkling blue eyes." she stopped again. "You better believe she loved you. Juniperkit looked into my eyes and told me she wished she could meet you." It was too much for Spottedstar to take. She broke down and started wailing. The leader had collapsed, and cried "My kit, my beautiful kit!" 

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