CanyonClan is a clan created by a group of cats who left MountainClan. This newly formed clan will be like SkyClan in terms of territory. This clan will consist of rogues, kittypets, and former OceanClan, DesertClan, LeafClan, or MountainClan cats.


CanyonClan Alt.


Mistrain - a silver and black tabby she-cat with ice blue eyes, a white chest and paws, and a chipped ear. Roleplayer: Icewish


Tallheart - white she-cat with black patches and one ginger heart-shaped patch on her face shaped like a heart. Roleplayed by: Moss

Medicine Cat:

Morningrose - a cream colored she-cat with big, water blue eyes. Roleplayed by:Icewish

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Talonpaw - a golden she-cat. Roleplayed by:Silverwhisker


Talonscar - a light brown tom with green eyes, a tattered ear, and a long scar caused by an eagle down his right eye. Roleplayed by:

Blizzardshadow - a dark gray she-cat with ice blue eyes. Rolplayed by: Pricklestar

Blackfire - a dark black tom with amber eyes. He has a ripped tail and a scarred face. Roleplayed by: Silverwhisker

Opalsky - very pale gray tom with light blue eyes. Roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Jaywing - blue mottled tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes. Roleplayer: Silverfang of ThunderClan




Snowpeak - pale gray she-cat with white ear-tips and tail-tip. Roleplayed by:Tiger

Nettlesting - a gray and brown she-cat with amber eyes. Roleplayed by: Icewish

Willowfeather - Light gray tabby She-cat with strange, purple eyes. Roleplayer: Moss


(Snowpeak's kits (All for Adoption))

Mountainkit- A silver she-cat with blue eyes. Roleplayer: Moss

Seakit- Ginger She-cat

Darkkit- Dark Gray tom

Sunkit - Golden tom. Roleplayer:Tiger

(Nettlesting's Kits)

Rainkit - pale gray she-cat with silver spots. Roleplayed by: Icewish

Dustkit - a kit that looks just like Cougartooth. Roleplayed by: Silverwhisker

(Willowfeather's Kits)

Fernkit - Pretty brown tabby she-cat with a white chest, front paws, belly, and tail tip, and sweet, green eyes. Roleplayer: Moss Elders:

Rushingwater - Sand-colored she-cat with blue-gray flecks. Roleplayed by: Moss

Roleplay Page:


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