Yeah? Well I prayed by whole (beep) life to see my father again and to quit being made fun of. We don't have control over anything here, only stars."
Chrysanthos to Skylark in The Starlit Skies

Chrysanthos is a handsome, green and gold Amphithere Dragon with stunning dark blue eyes.

Additional Info

Chrysanthos was born to Laelia and Adonis. His younger sister is Iris. He is smart and kind, but is also a great fighter. He never liked the dragon Xaphan, and finds him to be cruel and arrogant. He loves peace and nature like most Silent Forest Tribe dragons, but he can be very aggressive, especially when talking about his father. Before he died, his girlfriend was Dahlia, another Amphithere Dragon.

Even though he is very nice at most times, he dose throw rocks and such at living dragons.

The Worst Thing He Has Ever Done

It's so unlike him, that it gets its own section.

Chrysanthos hits Fundor on the head with a rock. Dahlia then throws a star at the living dragon, but Skylark intercepted the star. Silvanus then came along and they threw more stars. They were then chewed out by Skylark. Chrysanthos got mad and threw a star at Skylark. They then flew away because they would have been eaten if they hadn't.


  • The quote on the top of his page was suppost to be said in the RP, but I forgot about it...


Chrysanthos EEgg

Icy's Artwork

Baby Chrysanthos

Baby Chrysanthos


Chrysanthos aerial-view

Star!!!Starlit Skies star. Yes, they all have little happy faces on them :)

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