Clans of the Blizzard...

Flameheart, the deputy of HailClan, is struggling under the wieght of her leadership and many adventures. Flameheart's brother, Tabbysnow, also struggles with a problem, but a much different one. He has fallen in love with the deputy of FreezeClan, and is working hard ot keep it a secret. Flameheart's three kits, Polarpaw, Snowpaw, and Shiverpaw have learned that they each have strange powers, and are having trouble keeping them a secret. On top of this family's varied troubles, there is a prophecy predicting the death of the clans and the end of the world. Will all of these problems be solved in time to save the clans?


Main Characters

  • Flameheart: a ginger she-cat who's pelt is the color of flames. She has green eyes and a an attitude that makes it hard for her to give up.
  • Tabbysnow: a white and dark tabby tom with yellow eyes. He is strong, and confident.
  • Polarpaw: white she-cat with gray speckles. She is named for the Poalr Bears in The Blizzard.
  • Snowpaw: ???? I forget.
  • Shiverpaw: a light gray tom with icey blue eyes.

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