a shining white she-dragon with light flecks of golden yellow scales. Her tail is jet black and very sharp. She is a half western dragon. Clarus is very clumsy and jumps into situations before thinking.


Her father, Rufus was a Sky Ruler but her mother was a ruthless loner, Eletic. When she hatched her mother named her Clarus Astrum after the Frost Dragon that had saved Eletic's life by sacrificing herself. In doing so, Clarus Astrum died. Eletic saw this name suitable because it was the only proper name she had heard of aside from Rufus. Little did she know that that was a name of a Frost Dragon not a Sky Ruler.

When Corona, the old harsh Sky Ruler king found out he ordered Rufus' death and Rufus was murdered. Corona found Eletic and Clarus and he tried to kill Eletic. Instead a group of Sky Rulers teamed up on Corona and drove him out for murdering Rufus. Eletic told the Sky Rulers to take Clarus Astrum to become one like them. With that Clarus Astrum never really knew her parents.

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