Story by, Cloudybreeze

Chapter 1

The cold winter wind blow as a young brown and cream queen's kits were arriving. The medicine cat, Cherryblossom helped the queen deliver her final kit. The queen lets out a screech as a tiny calico kit slid into the moss. Cherryblossom bent down and licked the kit. The kit wailed weakly, but was alive. The she-cat let out a purr.

"It's a she-kit, Flowershade" Cherryblossom purred as she put the kit with her brothers.

"Thanks, Cherryblossom," Flowershade purred, her amber eyes shined in the pale light as her kits nursed on her cream belly. She flicks her tail on a light brown tabby kit.

"The light brown tabby tom with be named Thornkit and the tom that looks like me is Flintkit. The she-kit will be named Cloudykit," She purred.

The other queen, Morningfire got up from her nest to look at Flowershade's kits.

"They're beautiful, Flowershade," Morningfire commented "I hope my own kits looks like them"

The brambles shook as ShadowClan leader, Miraclestar and ShadowClan deputy, Crowtalon slid in.

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