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~Denali's POV~ I had fallen asleep in my den. Wisps of dreams clouded my mind, but one had stuck more than the others. My dear father, Traichious, had came to me. Dear Stella Pack, don't bring something terrible upon me! Traichious's starry eyes looked into mine. "Son, I have something to tell you." My eyes widened. "What is it?" He looked at the mossy ground. "You will have seven pups. One will die, and another will be blind. One more pup will have no tail." I was fretting. I knew I was mates with Katrice, but seven pups? And three will be physically challenged? But that wasn't it. "The last one to be born will be cursed." I was furious now. Stella Pack couldn't do this to me! Not my pups! "No! No, you Star Wolves will be wrong! My pups will be perfect, no matter what Stella Pack says!" I growled. "Perfect to you," he howled. "You crazy old wolf! Shut your muzzle this instant!" I retorted. Honestly, I had never liked my father much. It was my mother whom I liked the best. 

Denali woke up. He had been horrified by last night dream, and was howling anxiously in his sleep. "Denali, what is wrong?" Katrice asked sweetly. He had woken up abruptly. "It-It was my father. He said that we would have seven pups." The look in Katrice's eyes was irreplaceable. She was utterly dumbfounded. "Seven?" "Yes, seven. But that's not it," he paused, and sighed, "one will die, one will be blind." Denali repeated his father's words. "One more will have no tail. And the last one to be born will be cursed." He couldn't even look at his stressed mate. She was crying silently. "Oh, Katrice, don't believe one word that crazy old wolf says. I don't believe any word of it. Our pups will be perfect, no matter what that crazy wolf says." She sniffed. "R-really?" "Positively." Katrice walked up to him and nuzzled his pelt. Her beautiful amber eyes looked straight up to his. 

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