Contests Are No Longer Being Held On This Wiki

Due to inactivity in participation, there will be no more contests.

Drawing Contest:

This is the WCFW Drawing Contest. It is held monthly, and the winners are posted on The Page of Honor.

Rules and Answers to Some Questions:

  1. Only one drawing per category
  2. Anthros do not have to be true anthros, but can be normal humans.
  3. For the anthro category, the character that you draw MUST BE FROM THIS WIKI.
  4. Yes, for the anthro category you may draw your character(s) using a gun(s).
  5. You may draw blood.
  6. You may not draw blood and gore extremely into detail. (Well, you can draw as much blood as you want, but no intestines spilling out of people and such)
  7. Computer art is now accepted.
  8. It must follow the rules of the wiki.
  9. There are no restrictions on what style of drawing to use. (Just no plain line-art)
  10. You may use any art materials you want (Not like we can tell anyways :))
  11. No group artwork.
  12. You may not use any blanks from any wiki.
  13. When voting, do not cheat using multiple accounts.
  14. If you want to draw a character from one of the SpoofClans on the wiki, you may draw them as their regular human selves (AC and MMC) For PokeClan, you do not have to add cat ears or tails or anything. For this, you must just draw the pokemon that they look like as a human. (There are a lot of examples on Google, BTW.

Voting will be held on the 25th of every month.

Please click on drawings to see full size






Voting For Drawing Contest!






The Fanfiction Contest!

(Sorry 'bout the delay. The first contest had to be canceled)

This is the WCFW Fanfiction Contest. It will be held monthly.


  1. The story must follow one of the two prompts
  2. It can be about cats, wolves, or dragons.
  3. You may not use any of Erin Hunter's cats or any characters that another auhor came up with
  4. Do not steal anyone else's writing
  5. It must make sense.
  6. You must use proper grammar.
  7. You may add illustrations if you want to, but the must be your own drawing or drawing that someone specificaly drew for you.
  8. It can be either prose or poetic format.
  9. You may use an incomplete fanfic that you have already started. You must finish it by the time the contest ends.
  10. It must follow the wiki rules.
  11. Sometimes the prompts will become more specific to vary the difficult and make things less boring.


1. A dream, a hope, corruption...

2. War, battle, chaos, a hero that saves everyone.

Fanfiction Contest Entries

Only post the name of your fanfic when it is complete.

Vote For Fanfiction Contest

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