Cougertooth- a tall, dark ginger tom with dark green eyes. He is a warrior of Mountainclan.



Current Clan CanyonClan
Past Clan(s)



Kit: Cougerkit

Apprentice: Cougerpaw

Warrior: Cougertooth

Leader: Cougertooth

Mother Lilywhisker
Father Blackclaw
Littermates Featherfall (Sister)
Mate Nettlesting
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) None
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfics Voices

Additional Info

Cougertooth was born to Lilywhisker and Blackclaw. He was often iegnored by his father, Blackclaw, who spent all his time with Featherfall, Cougertooth's sister. His best friend is Nettlesting, who will be his future mate. He was given Nightshine as a mentor. She taught him well and he far exeded his sister in terms of performance. He was a very good hunter and a decent fighter. This still did not impress his father, who was absorbed in Featherfall's activities. Cougertooth never liked Featherfall very much. He finds her arrogant and self-absorbed, but he would still risk his own life to save her's, but I doubt Featherfall could say the same. He left MounatinClan and became leader of CanyonClan.

He was shot by twolegs and died.


  • He is a main character in Voices.

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