Chapter 1

The sound of cats talking awoke Crookedstar as he padded out of the den. The RiverClan camp was alive with activity. Piketooth and Blackclaw practiced battle moves and Reedtail shared prey with Skyheart. Many cats had died due to a promise that Crookedstar had made to an evil cat named Mapleshade. Rainflower(Mother), Shellheart(Father), Hailstar(Former Leader), Willowbreeze(His mate), Willowkit(daughter), and Minnowkit(daughter) had all died due to Crookedstar's promise. Oakheart, Crookedstar's brother, padded up to him. "Good morning" Oakheart greeted. Crookedstar nodded "Where's Timberfur?" he asked. "Hunting" Oakheart replied. Crookedstar had offered for Oakheart to be his deputy but he declined. So Crookedstar made Timberfur his deputy.

Crookedstar saw his last daughter, Silverpaw, practicing battle moves with her friend, Vixenpaw. Grasspaw, Vixenpaw's brother, joined them. Vixenpaw and Grasspaw were the kits of Beetlenose and Sunfish.

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