Chapter 1

WindClan cheered as they heard of the death of Tigerstar and the defeat of the Dark Forest. "Wait!" Onestar's meow echoed. "Firestar died as well" Onestar told them. The WindClan cats grew quiet as they grieved for the ThunderClan leader. However, Crowfeather grieved the most for his dead daughter, Hollyleaf. The black she-cat had died at the claws of the evil Hawkfrost. WindClan had lost Emberfoot, Whiskernose, and Harespring. All had died at the claws of evil Dark Forest warriors.

Crowfeather's mother, Ashfoot, who was also the deputy, padded over to Crowfeather. "We won" Ashfoot murmured. "But we lost a brave leader, even if he was not our own" Crowfeather replied. Ashfoot nodded "You have become wise, my son" she told Crowfeather. Leaftail ran up to Crowfeather "You may want to come with me" Leaftail murmured to the smoky gray warrior. Crowfeather nervously followed Leaftail to the border where he scented Breezepelt and Nightcloud, his mate and his son.

"Their scent is fresh, and they smell of fear" Crowfeather murmured."I'm sorry" Leaftail whispered. "No" Crowfeather murmered. "Yes, Crowfeather, it's true, Breezepelt and Nightcloud aren't dead, they ran away" Leaftail told Crowfeather. 

Crowfeather was baffled at discovering that Breezepelt and Nightcloud had ran away. "I'll leave you alone" Leaftail murmured and padded away. Crowfeather filled with horror as he realized he caused this. Crowfeather had sent Breezepelt off during the battle and admitted that he admired Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf. But...Breezepelt had been fighting with the Dark Forest and he almost killed Lionblaze. And...had Nightcloud run away with Breezepelt because Crowfeather loved Leafpool, a ThunderClan warrior?

Crowfeather realized that they both had reasons to run away, and that Crowfeather was the reason for those problems. Crowfeather also remebered that he had loved Feathertail, a pretty RiverClan she-cat who had died in the mountains. Crowfeather heard steps and whipped around to see Onestar. "Leaftail told me what happened" Onestar murmured. "It was my fault" Crowfeather muttered. "You can't blame yourself" Onestar told him.

"Onestar, I have to find them" Crowfeather told his leader. "I don't want you to leave, but if you feel like you must do this, then go" Onestar replied. Crowfeather nodded "Tell the clan the truth" he told Onestar and dashed off, following the scents. "I will find you Breezepelt and Nightcloud!"

Chapter 2

Crowfeather made a nest beside a tree, it had been 3 days since he gone in search of Breezepelt and Nightcloud, he had left Clan terrirtory behind. "You have gone far" Crowfeather whipped around to see a starry, wiry brown she-cat. "Who are you?" Crowfeather growled. "I am Wind, the first leader and founder of WindClan" she explained. "Really?" Crowfeather asked. "Yes" this time, Crowfeather got his answer from a gray tabby tom. "I am Gorsestar, second leader of WindClan" he introduced himself.

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