Crystalpaw - pretty, black, white and silver tabby she-cat with blind blue eyes

About Crystalpaw

Crystalpaw was born to Kittypet, Sapphire and half-ShadowClan and Half-RiverClan warrior, Hawktalon. She was an only kit and was born blind. she has a sympathetic personality, but can be brisk at times. Crystalpaw has taken a liking to Thrushpaw.


Born to kittypet, Sappphire (tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with sapphire-blue eyes) and half-shadowClan and Half-RiverClan warrior, Hawktalon. She was an only kit.

Story Now

See Crystalflame's Secret

Crystalpaw's Appearances

She appears as a main character in Crystalflame's Secret


Crystalflame - Medicine cat apprentice

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