The Dark Forest is where all evil cats go when they die. They plot to bring evil upon all those who are good and who live in the clans...





Former Leaders:

Fallenstar: a black and white tom with a torn ear and broken tail (RiverClan). He has blood red eyes. He is the leader of the dark forest and has very long claws. rped by: Silverwhisker

Tigerblood - a dark ginger she-cat with black stripes, chest, tail tip, and amber eyes (New BloodClan) Roleplayer: Icewish

Former Deputies:

Raggedsong - a light silvery gray tabby she-cat with a limp and ice blue eyes (RiverClan) rp by:Pricklestar

Former Medicine Cats:

Blizzardfang - a pale gray tom with blue-green eyes and many battle-scars runing down his pelt. He also has six, long scars runing down his face. (WindClan)

Former Medicine Cat Apprentices:

Snaggletooth - young pale gray tomcat with long, sharp teeth. RPer: Silvah

Former Warriors:

Shardtail - a dappled gray she-cat with a very thin tail and dark amber eyes (WindClan) rp by: Pricklestar

Redfire - reddish brown tabby she-cat with small ice blue eyes (ThunderClan) Rp by: Littlewillow

Blackheart - a dark silver she-cat with a dog tooth collar and a few dog teeth in her skin still. (Old Bloodclan) Rped by: Silverwhisker

Sparrowtail - a brown tabby tom with blue eyes. Just your average, random tomcat who ended up in the dark forest. Roleplayed by: Icewish

Hawkfeather - a dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes, a nick in one ear, and long scars across his neck. (ThunderClan) Roleplayed by: Icefern

Shadeclaw - Black tom with blue eyes and gray paws (ShadowClan) Roleplayed by: Moss

Former Apprentices:

Howlpaw - Dark gray, shaggy tom with amber eyes. Ironicly killed by wolves. (ShadowClan) Rp by: Moss

Rockpaw - muscular, black tom with gray eyes. Roleplayer: Silver

Former Queens:

Former Kits:

Bonekit - a white tom with silver eyes. (Old BloodClan) Roleplayer: [[User:Silverwhisker|Silverwhisker

Redkit - a small ginger she-kit with bright, blue eyes. (ShadowClan) Roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Former Elders:

Roleplay Page

Dark Forest/Roleplay

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