Darkpelt is a dark gray tom with white paws and pale yellow eyes

About Darkpelt

He currently is in love with Whiteleaf, a SnowClan warrior. He is in SnowClan too, and he loves to hunt reindeer, the biggest animal he can catch. He is strong, has loads of courage, he's brave, and loyal.


His mom was Sandrain, a blue/gray and pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes (Dead). His father was Thornfang, a golden/brown tom with scars on his pelt (Dead). His sisters were Fallowwing, a black she-cat with gray, black, and white paws (Dead), Echofur, a brown she-cat with gray, paint-like patches, and pale yellow eyes, and Applewing, a brown/red she-cat with midnight blue eyes. His brothers were Wetstream, a gray tabby tom with turquoise eyes, and Rockclaw, a black tom with white paws (Dead).


Darkstream - Warrior form

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