Description: Drayden is a male white dragon with blue eyes and blue stripes running down his body.

Additional Info

It is unknown were Drayden came from, but he meets Twilight after she leaves her nest. He and Twilight travel to the Sky Rulers.

Later Twilight lays his eggs after they find Sky Rulers.

Drayden loves all of his children, but seems to "hang out" and play with Kaida the most.

When Twilight tells Drayden that she will leave with the children, Drayden becomes furious, acting as if they weren't mates at all.

Drayden takes Twilight to the waterfall were they make up. The two splash water on each other and have flying contests.

Drayden currently hunts and lives with the Sky Rulers. (As of now... mwahahahaha)

Drayden is roleplayed by Mossnose, bu she rarely roleplays him.

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