Dripstar is an old, long-furred black tom with green eyes.


Dripstar is the leader of MistClan, the fifth Clan at the lake. He has a deceased mate named Splashtail, who lives in StarClan with three more of her and Dripstar's kits: Flowerkit, Flamekit, and Lightningkit. Out of that litter, Creekflight was the only one to survive. Before Splashtail died, they had two more sons, Ashpaw and Smokepaw, who are still alive.

The whole Clan is worried about Dripstar's health. His residence is unknown, but Echopaw feels that he is watching over her from StarClan. She suspects that Dripstar, who was already scrawny and slightly ill, had died in the snowstorm during the Gathering.



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