Duskflame is a dark gray, almost black, tom with a purplish tint to his fur and red eyes and feathered wings. He is very handsome.

Additional Info

Duskflame is often lost in thought and often neglects his medicine cat duties because of this. He is very laid-back and doesn't rush into anything. He is quiet an has very restrained emotions, yet for some strange reason she-cats love him. He is the medicine cat, so he can not have a mate, though he wishes he could have one. He isn't very fond of being the medicine cat, but a prophecy says that he was destined to be, and was a warrior for one full moon before becoming the medicine cat. Hi mentor was Vulturecall.

When Butterflywing was attacked, his apprentice had to call his name several times before he responded. He treated her, but her legs an wings were badly damaged in the attack. He told Hoverstar that she had to retire, but the leader would not listen. He helps Butterflywing move into the elders den.

He kills "Freak", though it was a mistake since he has forgotten most of his battle training and doesn't know his own strength.


  • Duskflame was first decided mot to be a warrior before he became a medicine cat. This is why many posts in the RP state that he has no battle training because this was decided after the idea of his close friend Waspstrike and the idea that he was a warrior before becoming a med. cat.

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