Current Clan ShadowClan
Past Clan(s) None
Names Kit: Echokit

Apprentice: Echopaw

Warrior: Echoblaze

Mother Roseheart
Father Nightflight
Littermates Darkstorm (Brother)
Mentor(s) Lightwillow
Apprentice(s) Stormpaw
Fanfics None

Echoblaze is a small, pretty silver-and-white tabby she-cat with bright green eyes flecked gold. She's a ShadowClan warrior.

History (Roleplay)

Her apprentice is Stormpaw. She got her voice box ripped out by the leader of a rouge band when she an apprentice. She survived, however, she can never talk again. She seems to be a quiet warrior who wants to teach every thing she knows to Stormpaw.

History (Fanfiction)

Coming Soon


Her mother is Roseheart (rose-cream she-cat). Her father is Nightflight (black tom). Her brother is Darkstorm (black tom with amber eyes).

Character Pixels

Coming Soon

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