Aw come on! -Emolga if she was a true pokemon. Added scars on GIMP, found on Google Images.

Emolga is a black and white she-cat with yellow cheeks and small yellow flaps under her front legs. She has mulitple scars on most of her body. and a wrenched tail.

Umbreon was her mentor. Oshawott is her apprentice.

Emolga is roleplayed by Mossnose.

Emolga, angered by what happened with Pikastar, she mindlessly attacks Vaporeon, who viciously gives her brutal wounds, and even almost kills her by almost breaking her windpipe. Vaporeon also brutaly damages Emolga's tail.

When Emolga gets very very angry, she lets out her darker, more eviler side. In fact, Emolga threatened Vaporeon when she and Umbreon find her in the woods. Emolga hisses and blames Vaporeon for what she did to Emolga and how she almost killed her by almost snapping her windpipe, and that Vaporeon was a selfish jerk. She tells Vaporeon that she was going to show everyone that she wasn't a weak little kit like when Vaporeon attacked her, she even takes her bandages off and throws them next to Vaporeon's paws, telling her to keep them as a reminder of how much pain she caused for Emolga and runs off. Emolga runs away and cries, and Leafeon tries to comfort her, but after a little bit Emolga runs away crying again, she doesn't understand why Vaporeon hated her. A pikachu named Storm comes and talks with her about it, and Emolga finally decides to make the right choice and apologize.

Emolga becomes a warrior after she drives away a group of rogues that attacked PokeClan. She is talked to though by Pikastar for mindlessly using her electricity to drive away the rouges. She is furious when Zorua and Vulpix reveal they love each other. Oshawott admires her battle skills and he trains with her for a little. When he becomes an apprentice, she is his mentor. She tries to comfort him when Mudkip dies.


Emolga can be tomboyish, but she can get angry and revengeful. She attacks vicously and is a tough opponent. Most of the time she is nice and loyal, but it is hard to keep her angry or stress issues under control.


  • Mossnose wanted a tomboyish pokemon, but after watching Emolga the Irresistible! episode on tv, she decided to make an Emolga with a different personality, as most Emolga are sassy and demanding, so the PokeClan Emolga was created.
  • It was revealed in the PokeClan Roleplay that Emolga has the bipolar disorder.
  • Pikastar is her adoptive father.

Official Pokemon Artwork and Sprite


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