Okay, there's a story behind this series. I got inspired to write this while reading Fruits Basket, but this is a lot less serious. And instead of zodiac animals, they have powers! Yippie! Also, this has almost nothing to do with clans, it's just a sort of clan, only they all live in different parts of their territory and don't speak to each other much. And of course, like Tohru, the main character is eventually going to make everyone fall in love with her. (I personally think Tohru should have gone with Yuki and forgotten about Kyo... Kyo's a jerk and poor Yuki was abused by Akito his whole life.. oops, for one thing, spoiler for people who haven't read it yet, and second, people who haven't read it have no idea what I'm talking about!)

Anyway, here's the synopsis for the series:

Dream, a pretty little kittypet she-cat, realizes that her life feels so incomplete just living with her boring old twolegs. She escapes and flees into a forest, and meets a silver tom who was known as the best hunter, best looking, and strongest tom in town, by the name of Dash. Dash, seeing how tired Dream is, invites her to stay in his den with his cousin, Fang. Then another member of Dash's clan arrives, named Fish, and starts fighting with Dash. While trying to stop them, Dream finds out one big secret about their clan- they are all enchanted with a special power! Dream has a big purpose, it was fate that brought her to the forest where the PowerClan lives, and Dream might just set all these cats free.


1: An Enchanted Clan


Main Characters

Dream: ginger, white, and brown she-cat with pretty blue eyes and short claws.

Dash: silver tom with violet eyes, his power is great speed.

Fang: older black tom with green eyes, his power is to turn into a wolf.

Fish: a ginger tom with burnt orange eyes, his power is quick swimming.

  • must think of others...*

Wing: Lead of family, the don't meet untilt he end. Orange she-cat with big, brown, powerful wings. Her power is flight.

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