Eurydice is a pretty gray she-cat with a white chest and bright, saphire blue eyes.

Current Clan Rogues
Past Clan(s) None
Names Rogue: Eurydice
Mother Fernmist
Father Aetius
Littermates None
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) None
Apprentice(s) None


Additional Info

Eurydice was born to Fernmist, a clan cat, and Aetius, a rogue. Her father raised her by himself. When her father was killed by Peleus, a member of Squeak's group, she began to travel on her own. She met a cat named Orpheus and they fell in love with each other. She was killed by Achlys when she turned herself into a snake and bit Eurydice. Achlys killed her to make Orpheus's heart weaker and easier to corrupt.

Cat Spirit Powers

  • unknown and undescovered.


  • She will appear in The Darkness of Night.
  • During the fight with Achlys, she admits that her flaw is that she is a bit oblivious to everything.

Icy's Artwork

Eurydice (Horse)

I decided to draw this after I drew Orpheus as a horse

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