Fallenstar is the leader of the Dark Forest. He is a black and white tom with blood red eyes, and scars on his face and body. Fallenstar has a torn ear, and very long claws. He attracts more she-cats than he can count. He is stuck between Redfire and Shardtail. He prefers Shardtail so far. He is leading the attack against the clans. Roleplayer: Silverwhisker
Fallenstar vs Dawnbreeze

Fallenstar when he sent Dawnbreeze to StarClan


Fallenstar is mean, cruel, blood thirsty, evil, and so on/ so forth. He can be loveable, only to some cats. He often killls cats, from any clan. He is your typical Tigerstar.


Fallenstar is seen doing cruel things, like plan aganst the clans. He is later on seen flirting and swimming with Shardtail. He later on makes Shardtail jelous with Redfire. He soon accidently pretty much drowns Shardtail. He is later on seen breaking Blizzardfang's legs. Fallenstar is then seen fighting with Dawnbreeze. He is then told by Shardtail that she doesn't want to fight against the clans. Fallenstar is angered by that, and breaks up with her, and starts to fall in love with Redfire.


  • Fallenstar is a twotimer
  • He is the Tigerstar on this Wiki
  • He can't decide between she-cats

Fallenstar headshot

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