By: Silverwhisker


Feather jumped as he heard a crackle in the sky. "Hush." his mother soothed. She licked him. Feather's father walked over to them. "Where are the rest of our kits!" screeched Feather's mother. "I-It was Squeak!" mewed Feather's father. "Night! H-He might hurt Feather, we have to go!" his father cried. "Thunder, W-what if-" Night was cut of by Thunder's angry hiss. "No! We're going!" hissed Thunder. Feather looked at his friend, Flood. "What about Flood?" he squeaked. "Don't worry, my kit. She's coming too, right, Song?" mewed Night. Song nodded. Her silver tabby fur was soaked. Feather's mother picked him up, and they ventured out with Flood's family.

Chapter 1:

Young Feather opened his eyes. "night?" he croaked. "Yes my son?" asked Night. "where is daddy?" he asked. "Thunder has gone out to hunt, for me and Song." mewed Night. Feather sighed. "Hey, Feather! Your awake! Play with me!" purred Flood. "Oaky! You'll be mouse, and i'll be cat!" mewed feather. "NO, I want to be cat!" growled Flood. "You were cat last time!" hissed Feather. "Fine!" growled Flood. "Bet you won't catch me though!" purred Flood. "Your on!" squeaked Feather. He chased Flood all around, giggling. They saw Thunder. He was carrying a chicken leg, and scratches all over his body. "Thunder! Waht happened?!" fretted Night. "Squeak and his buds." growled Thunder "you'll have to share this." he mewed to Song and Night. "With us too?" asked Flood. "You guys are too small!" meowed Song. "What ever!" growled feather. "Tomarrow kits, we move again, so you better take naps." growled Thunder. "Awwww! But we've only been here for two days!" argued Flood. "It doesn't matter! Feather's dad was nearly slauttered!" hissed Song.(will finish)


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