Finn is a blonde tom. He also wears a white cap that has stubby little ears. He is the leader of AdventureClan. He is based off of the main protagonist, Finn, of the Adventure Time tv show, created by Pendlton Ward.

Additional Info

Finn was abandoned at birth by his parents, but Jake's parents, Margaret and Joshua, find him and raise him with their two other children, Jake and Jermaine. He became a great hero in the land for saving so many cats (roleplay)


Jake - Jake is Finn's adopted brother, and his best friend. Jake often gives Finn advice he needs to lead the other cats (roleplay) Finn and jake will do anything for each other

Bonnibel (Princess Bubblegum, Peebles, PB) - Finn used to have a huge crush on Princess Bubblegum. He does not make fun of her royal heritage, and respects it. He is constantly trying to get PB to like him.

Marceline - Finn and Marceline are two good friends. Sometimes Marceline likes to give Finn advice on girls to help him charm PB. Whenever him and Jake do something that they think is bad for Marceline, they get terrified, but Marceline is normally cool with it.

Lady Rainicorn - Finn and Lady Rainicorn are friends, mostly because of her relationship with Jake. They sometimes like to hang out together. Lady Rainicorn can speak some english (unlike in he tv show), but Finn sometimes is confused when she speaks Korean.

Flame Princess - Finn and Flame Princess are currently thinking about becoming mates.

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