written by: Pricklestar It's a me! :D 22:54, November 24, 2011 (UTC)

This is a prequel to Vengeance

Chapter one

Cinderkit dashed away, a gleam in her eye. "Pricklekit, Ravenkit, you need to see what I found!" She called to her littlermates. Ravenkit snorted but raced over. "You better have not made him grumpy, again!"

Cinderkit flicked her tail to old Gorsefur. He was sitting peacfully in the shade.

"Why would I have something to do with him?" She asked a slight edge to her tone. She padded over to a pretty shiny stone.

"Look's it's shiny!" Cinderkit meowed pointing to it with her forepaw. Ravenkit gave it a knock and it split open. It was full of many shiny crystals.

"Let's show Ferretstar!" She exclaimed. Ravenkit nodded slowly and picked up the little crystals and brought them over to Ferretstar's den.

"Ferretstar, look what we found," Pricklekit meowed. Slowly an old Ferretstar stumbled out.

"Hm. crystals I see. Put them right over here, so the clan can look at them," He meowed his eyes gleaming with happiness. "What's so great about the crystals?" Pricklekit whispered in Cinderkit's ear. Cinderkit shrugged.

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