Fireheart is a handsome flame colored tom with green eyes and a long scar down his right eye, which is now blind.

Fireheart Alt.
Current Clan WindClan
Past Clan(s) None

Kit: Firekit

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Firepaw

Medicine Cat: Fireheart

Mother Lilyshadow
Father Thorntail

Icebreeze, Windfeather (Sisters)

Mate None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Cloudleaf
Apprentice(s) Avalanchepaw
Fanfics Fireshadow, Icewish

Additional Info

Fireheart was born to Lilyshadow and Thorntail. His sisters are Icebreeze and Windfeather. When his mother was kitting he and his sisters, all was going smoothly until it was his time to be born. Lilyshadow began to bleed heavly, the medicine cat at the time, Cloudleaf, was not able to save her. Thorntail blamed his only son for his mates death. Fireheart was often ignored by him. When he was five moons old, he visted his mother's grave. There, he promised her that he would become the WindClan medicine cat, so no one would suffer her same fate. He became Cloudleaf's apprentice, and trained in the ways of the medicine cat. When Cloudleaf retired to the elders den, Fireheart became the new WindClan medicine cat. When Icebreeze was murdered by Mars, he and his apprentice, Avalanchepaw, killed him. Before Mars died, he inflicted a long scar down his right eye that rendered it useless.



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