Exactly, you use honey. It's smooth, it's sweet, and it heals cats. Maybe you should learn from honey?
Fireshadow to Badgerface in ShadowClan

Fireshadow is a handsome dark ginger tom with bright, aqua blue eyes.

Current Clan ShadowClan
Past Clan(s) Rogue, ShadowClan

Kit: Firekit

Apprentice: Firepaw

Warrior: Fireshadow

Rogue: Firepaw

Mother Lichenstone
Father Flamespark
Littermates Froststar
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Flamespark
Apprentice(s) Lightningpaw
Roleplayer Icewish

History (Roleplay)

Fireshadow was born to Lichenstone and Flamespark. His sister is Frostshadow. His father, who also doubled as his mentor, expected to much of him as an apprentice. He would injure Fireshadow through extream and difficult battle training. When he was still an apprentice, he ran away and lived one moon as a rogue. He was forced to return to ShadowClan, for he was badly injured by several rogues. When he became a warrior, his apprentice was Lightningpaw.


  • He is deeply religious, more so than the average clan cat.
  • He knows a lot about herbs and healing.

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