Fuzzytail is a small, light brown tabby tom with yellow eyes and a fluffy tail. He is a warrior of ShadowClan.

Additional Info

Fuzzytail was born to Runningcloud and Jayclaw. He had a sister named Flowerpaw but she died of greencough when they were apprentices. His mentor's name was Dogtooth, his father's brother. He trained Fuzzytail very well, but even then he was made fun of by the other apprentices because of his size. Fuzzytail was very quiet as an apprentice. He was made a warrior along with his best friends, Snakestrike and his sister, Sandpetal. He was sent on the jurney to BloodClan. He survived the battle and is now mates with Sandpetal and had four kits with her, Berrykit, Foxkit, Badgerkit, and Stonekit. His apprentice is Falconpaw.



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