Gallade is a green and white tom with red eyes.

Additional Info

Gallade is a warrior of PokeClan. He is strong and bold while fighting, yet calm and courteous the rest of the time. He is deeply in love with the medicine cat, Gardevoir. He is very nice and polite most of the time. He always adresses people by Ma'am and Sir, even kits and apprentices. But if you make him mad, and it takes a lot to get him mad, he will curse you out and send you running.

Gallade's History

(This is just a random storry that I came up with. Names are also chosen at random)

Gallade was born back when Pokemon only lived in their own world. His mother's name was June and his father was Josiah. He had an older brother named Aaron, and Gallade always looked up to him. He also had a younger sister named Emma. He was small and sickly as a ralts an a kirlia, and was often beat up and made fun of by other wild pokemon. His brother often had to defend him.

When Gallade was still a kirlia, his older brother showed up and angrily entered the house. He forced Gallade to watch as he killed his mother, father, and little sister. Right before Aaron was about to kill Gallde, he bolted for the door. Aaron chased after him, but then Gallade suddenly evolved. He was able to fight off his older brother and leave a long scar across his face.

When the "electrical accident" happened, Gallade only stayed in PokeClan because he fell in love with Garedevoir.

Official Pokemon Artwork


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