Gardevoir is a green and white she-cat with blue-purple eyes.

Additional Info

Gardevoir is the medicine cat of PokeClan. Her apprentice was Vulpix, but she quit being the medicine cat apprentice to be mates with Dusk.

Gallade, a warrior of PokeClan, fell in love with the medicine cat. She had a slight crush on him as well, but ignored it. He finally told her that he loved her, but the medicine cat attacked him and shouted at him. After Gallade was seriously injured by lightning, she realized that she was in fact in love with him. The two became mates, but in secret since medicine cats can not have mates. Her kits are Cassandra and May and Glaceon is their foster mother.? She and Gallade are careful not to reveal who their daughters' true parents are, and say that they are rogue kits found inside PokeClan territory.

Official Pokemon Artwork


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