Hestia is a firey ginger she-cat with dark green eyes.

Additional Info

Hestia was a respected member of Squeak's group. She was chosen by Squeak to train Peleus. Soon after, she met a tom named Alexandros. They had one kit named June. After she was born, Squeak ordered Peleus to kill her, her kit, and her mate. Peleus did so without question, but only suceeded in killing Alexandros. She and June escaped, constantly running away from Squeak and Peleus, and she found a new hatred for both of them. She alsoi regreted her actions as a member of Squeak's Group, and prayed for forgiveness from The Place of Starry Skies. Once June was older, she was expecting kits from an unknown tom. Hestia never learned who the father of Persephone, June's daughter, was. Shortly after her birth, June died from bloodloss, so Hestia raised Persephone by herself. Later on, she also took in Achilles, Peleus' son.

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