This is the info page for horse armies in general.


General - the leader of the army. Never disobey him or her if you are at a lower rank, and everyone in the army is.

Lieutenant - second in command. Orders patrols to gurad the territory. If you are at a lower rank, never disobey him or her.

Soldiers - what most horses in the army are. They protect the army and are mostly in charge of mentoring rookies.

Herbalist - also called a medic for short. They are in charge of healing their injured comrades.

Rookies - rookie soldiers. Just like clan apprentices.

Dams - the mothers to foals and fillies.

Foals and Fillies - young horses that are too young to become rookies.

Veterans - elder horses who have severed their army bravely in the past. Now they may rest as much as they want.


Army of the Desert:

"Attention!" shouts a bay mare. "New rookies I see. Well, welcome to the Army of the Desert, because you haven't really joined until right now. I am the Lieutenant, Sandy Sky, and you are to refer to me as 'Lieutenant Sandy Sky' and nothing less, or I swear I will make your life miserable." She starts to pace back and forth in front of you and the other rookies. "Now, I suppose you should know that most of you won't live long enough to be soldiers, and even if you do, you have a slim chance of becoming a veteran."

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