O.K, this is kind of random, but it will help y'all with the contest.

Step One:

O.K, the first step to make a line-art on the computer is to scan a drawing that you drew by hand. On the 2007 MS Paint, the scan button is located in the menu. It is in the sixth slot from the bottom.

Just a tip, but it is best that you "ink" your drawing with black pen before scanning it. This will help with the next step.

Step Two:

What you do next can be kind of tricky, but for most people it is easier than drawing on the computer. You have to trace all of the lines with the pencil tool (be sure that you trace it in black and not any other color). It does not have to be exact, but the picture might look a little different on the computer than on paper.

Step Three:

This is the easiest and most simple part of creating line-art from a drawing on paper. You go on and open up your drawing. Select the Dodge Tool and set it to "Highlights" Set the size to max. and click the drawing several times. If just the black outlines are left, you did this step correctly. Here is an example:
Romulus and Remus Lineart

Step Four:

This step is just coloring and shading your drawing. This step is all up to you, but I will provide an example of what the drawing above looks like colored.

Romulus and Remus


O.K, you are finished. And yes, I know that those are the same pics that I had entered in the drawing competition, but that's all I had on my computer currently :P If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

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